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Takshshila provides best classroom coaching in NATA and JEE Main Entrance, JEE Main Entrance Exam Previously known as AIEEE Architecture.

Takshshila provides best classroom coaching for NATA and B.Architecture (JEE Mains) Entrance Exams.


B.Arch (JEE Mains) & JNAFAU(A.P) – 2013 top ranks are from Takshshila.


We are proud to state that more than 1300 students from Takshshila are selected through NATA in various Architecture colleges in India.


NATA Entrance Exam

The induction of TAKSHSHILA was done in the year 2001, by team of Ex- IIm’s, academicians, & educationist at Hyderabad, as a coaching institute for entrance exam preparation of Architectural Institutes in India. Our Exemplary study material, teaching methodologies mixed with impaired experience of our staff has given us an absolute recognition as a best coaching providers for NATA (National Aptitude test in Architecture) & JEE Mains (Architecture).

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    Sample Paper for NATA –   

    DAT Paper 1 Click here

    DAT Paper 2 Click here 

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    Sample Paper for JEE MAINS B. Arch Paper 2 - 

    Paper A (Maths & Aptitude) - Click here 

    Paper B (Drawing Abillity test) -  Click here



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    Sri Naina
    NATA SCORE - 143
    Jampana Sravya
    NATA SCORE - 129
    Pranayita Rajshekhar
    NATA SCORE - 126
    Rashida Noor
    NATA SCORE - 120
    P.L. Yoshitha
    NATA SCORE - 119
    Hari Chandana
    NATA SCORE - 119
    Tanay Slike
    NATA SCORE - 121
    Manasa S Gowra
    NATA SCORE - 118
    K. Preethi
    NATA SCORE - 118
    Raj Bharath
    NATA SCORE - 117
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